June 01, 2016 NEW TECH

KMTL wins order for a large testing facility for CRIEPI.

  In April 2016, we received an order for the production of thermal power water treatment test facilities from Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry (CRIEPI).

  These facilities are used for cause investigation of corrosion damage in water and steam systems of thermal power plants. They are being introduced by CRIEPI to aid in developing new corrosion prevention technology that will replace currently used hydrazine.

  This study attracts a great deal of attention in CRIEPI as seen in an article featured in The Denki Shimbun (The Electric Daily News), where Mr. Fujinami, the managing director of CRIEPI, refers to the project.

  Our service covers from design to manufacturing of such large test facilities.

[Conceptional drawing of the thermal power water treatment test facility] [The Denki Shimbun (April 28, page 7)]
Conceptional drawing of the thermal power water treatment test facility The Denki Shimbun (April 28, page 7)