July 20, 2017 PRESS

New laboratory (Hitachi Minami Laboratory) is completed in Ibaraki Workshop.

  Kobe Material Testing Laboratory Co., Ltd. has completed construction of a new laboratory, Hitachi Minami Laboratory, and the completion ceremony was held today.

  The workshop newly introduced a large-scale fatigue testing machine (1000 kN) and the laboratory’s extended capabilities will serve various customer needs. The factory is now being prepared for starting operation in the middle of September.

  With our company philosophy, “KMTL Group contributes to the improvement of human life based on the scientific and technical knowledge”, we will continuously make every effort to meet expectations of customers.

Hitachi Minami Laboratory

  1270-60 Tome-cho
  Hitachi, Ibaraki 319-1231
  TEL: 0294-53-9111
  FAX: 0294-53-2500