August 25, 2017 NEW TECH

KMTL establishes high-temperature testing technology for heat-resistant alloy.

  Tensile tests, creep tests and fatigue tests are now available at a test temperature of 1200°C in atmosphere.

 In recent years, heat-resistant alloys used for gas turbines are subjected to temperatures higher than before. We established this technology to respond to the needs of our many customers, who need strength tests in a higher temperature region.

  Our strength testing at 1200°C, in atmosphere, directly measures strain in a test specimen. Our self-developed high-temperature test fixture and deploying a pressing-type extensometer has enabled us to measure 0.2% yield strength for tensile testing and creep strain to rupture for creep testing in an environment of 1200°C. As well as high-cycle fatigue testing, low-cycle fatigue testing controlled by an extensometer is available.

 * Due to the life of the SiC heating element used for the electric furnace, there is a limitation in continuous operation. Recommended test duration is currently approximately 600 hours.

Tensile test

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Creep test

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Fatigue test

Example of data

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