September 15, 2017 TOPICS

Hitachi Minami Laboratory of Ibaraki Workshop starts full-scale operation.

  We are pleased to announce that Hitachi Minami Laboratory of Ibaraki Workshop, for which preparations for operation had been continuing, has started full-scale operation. Details are as follows.

  The laboratory has introduced extensive facilities, including a large-scale 1000-ton fatigue testing machine, in order to meet various customer needs.

  New site: Hitachi Minami Laboratory, Ibaraki Workshop
  (Ibaraki Sales Office and testing functions)

  (Hitachi Nanbu Industrial Park) 1270-60 Tome-cho, Hitachi, Ibaraki 319-1231

  TEL:0294-53-9111 (Main number) FAX:0294-53-2500

  Present site of Ibaraki Workshop: The name of the site has been changed to
  Hitachi Minami Factory, Ibaraki Workshop (machining functions).

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