April 08, 2011 TOPICS

KMTL participates in GE Asia S-400 Lab Meeting 2011

  GE Asia S-400 Lab Meeting sponsored by GE Aviation was held in Shanghai, China, on March 28-29, 2011.

  In the meeting, S-400 laboratories were given the chance to make presentation to suppliers, where we made a presentation along with DICKSON Lab, IMR Lab, and STORK from USA.

  More than 100 GE suppliers in Asia, including China mainly and Korea, participated in this exciting two-day meeting and lively exchanged views and had animated question and answer sessions.

  GE Aviation assesses and approves a laboratory to the requirements of S-400 specification and accredit the laboratory as a certified MTL (Material Testing Laboratory) for aerospace manufacturing related special process.

  Testing of materials whose end user is GE must be performed by a certified S-400 laboratory. Also, GE recognizes 50 laboratories worldwide as their core laboratories, and we are one of the 50 core laboratories.