July 01, 2015 NEW TECH

Introducing artificial micro defect (drilled-hole, micro-notch) into specimen

  Micro defects and nonmetallic inclusions in material are factors affecting material fatigue strength, and have been drawing attention as a subject for study. Recently, test methods using a specimen with an artificial defect are receiving attention to quantitatively evaluate effects of micro defects and nonmetallic inclusions.

  Requested by customers, we introduce artificial micro-defects (drilled hole and micro-notch) into specimens using a micro-drill or high-precision micro profile grinder. Machining a micro notch was difficult with a conventional grinding operation, generating a large affected layer. With our newly introduced ultra-precision micro profile grinding machine, however, we are now able to machine a micro notch with reduced affected layer.

Micro defect machined with micro-drill

Micro defect machined with ultra-precision micro profile grinding machine

Material: Ti-6Al-4V