February 16, 2016 NEW TECH

KMTL establishes non-mechanical hydrogen pressurizing technology using only heat.

  Recently, fuel cell vehicles (FCVs) have become commercially available from automotive companies and expectations for a hydrogen society are rising. However, there are a number of challenges before the widespread use of FCVs, one example being the spread of hydrogen stations.

  Obstacles to spreading hydrogen stations include high cost for construction and components. Existing hydrogen stations require mechanically driven components, which pose safety concerns and cause high maintenance costs.

  In cooperation with Hiroshima University, we have established a technology for thermodynamically pressurizing hydrogen to a high-pressure range (over 80 MPa) using combination of hydrogen storage alloys. This technology represents the possibility of non-mechanically pressurizing hydrogen only by heating. With the technology, safe and low-cost hydrogen stations are expected to be developed.

  A press release for this technology was published by Hiroshima University on February 4 and covered by The Denki Shimbun (The Electric Daily News, Page 4, February 16, 2016).

[Acknowledgment] The results of this research were obtained as results of New Energy Venture Business Technology Innovation Program for FY20015 of New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO).

[Press Release from Hiroshima University, Feb. 4] [The Denki Shimbun Page 4, February 16, 2016]
Press Release from Hiroshima University, Feb. 4 The Denki Shimbun Page 4, February 16, 2016